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Education Sessions at Connect DC 2016

Informative and insightful education at Connect DC strengthened attendees' professional and personal skills.


  • Planner/Supplier Rumble
    Let down your guard as two planners and two suppliers face off about issues selected by audience members via anonymous poll. The session is a lively and matter-of-fact deep dive, and audience participation is required.

  • Up-and-Coming Speaker Showcase
    For more than 30 years, Keppler has left its mark on audiences with preeminent speakers whose expertise spans across business, world affairs, politics, entertainment, education, literature, sports and leadership. During this showcase, hear stories that take you around the world and even above it from powerful speakers who leave lasting impressions.

    Featured Speakers:

Captain Florent Groberg

Florent “Flo” Groberg was on his second deployment to Afghanistan in August 2012 when he made the split second decision that would change his life forever and earn him the Medal of Honor, the nation’s top award for valor in combat. Bestowed by President Obama in November 2015, Groberg is only the 10th living American to receive the Medal since the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.


On the morning of August 8 in Afghanistan’s Kunar province, Groberg, the personal security detail commander for multiple top Army leaders, mitigated significant carnage when he instinctually and selflessly brought down a suicide bomber. As a result, Groberg suffered life-threatening injuries to his left leg that led to 33 surgeries, a blown eardrum, and a mild traumatic brain injury. After recovering from August 2012 through May 2015, he was medically retired as a captain in July 2015 and is currently a civilian employee of the Department of Defense.


Now, armed with valuable life lessons on overcoming adversity and powerful insight on leadership, teamwork and sacrifice, Groberg reveals how experiences and people throughout his life influenced his heroic decision on that fateful day, offering perspective that inspires audiences to appreciate life’s gifts and see opportunity in even the most adverse conditions. As a spokesperson for LinkedIn, Groberg works to raise awareness of their veteran’s program that connects veterans to professional opportunities.


Born in France in 1983 to a French-Algerian mother and American father whose job took them around the world, Groberg called many places home and did not speak English until he was 11. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2001 and went on to attend the University of Maryland. He renounced his French citizenship prior to joining the U.S Army in 2008.

Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri’s passion for storytelling stems from the desire to expose cultural injustices and combat the challenges facing women on a global scale. Her rise as a young journalist and budding cultural figure is not only proof of what can happen if you dare to ask the right questions but is also the key to breaking the glass ceiling so that others may follow her lead and reach new heights.


One of the most talked about young adults in the country, Tagouri has embarked on a unique journey to achieve her dreams, breaking down significant barriers in the process. From graduating at one of the top journalism schools at the age of 20, to serving as an on-air reporter for Newsy, she is a force to be reckoned with.


Since the launch of the viral #LetNoorShine campaign in 2012, Tagouri has gained significant support for her efforts to break normative stereotypes, further establishing a strong platform to encourage others to realize their own potential in a multicultural society. With livestream discussions, providing deliverable content on Huffington Post, creating the #journeywithnoor bracelet, as well as a partnership collaboration with streetwear brand Lis’n Up Clothing – #TheNoorEffect, (a line of women empowerment clothes combatting sex trafficking), Tagouri is raising the bar every step of the way.


She is also successfully creating an inviting space for people to celebrate their individuality and embrace diversity. One of her latest success stories to add to the hearty list is recently being named one of Playboy Magazine’s 2016 Renegades, further showcasing how Tagouri isn’t afraid to break the rules and norm within her capacity in order to succeed in doing all that she loves.

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